Tinting (Auto, Yachts)

We install the highest quality of window tints on any Vehicle, Yacht.

Our premises house the best window tinting chamber in Cyprus. It has been designed after the guide of a top tinting company, to ensure a high standard finish.

Window tinting benefits:

  • Offers Safety and Security.
  • Blocks and Repels cancerus UV rays.
  • Contibutes to Energy Saving!
  • Adds privacy to your vehicle. 
  • Protects from thieves.
  • Keeps a cooler and more pleasant inner environment.
  • Adds style and value to your vehicle.


Our company provides the customer with a 5 Year Warranty card that covers damages like blur, color loss and bubbles.


If you are not sure as to what is legal or not for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask anything that may be unclear to you conserning window tinting.